PE for Breakfast: Corporate Venture

Corporate Venturing has seen a boom in Norway and Europe the last few years. The number of deals, the amount invested and the number of CVCs have all seen an increase. Together with DNB Venture, NVCA and law firm Selmer invite you to join us for insights and discussions on corporate ventur

The purpose of a CVC typically range from financial returns to complimenting R&D to being a part of a corporates build, partner & buy strategy. The organisational setup may vary, as well as the purpose but they all have in common that they seek to offer more than the financials to their portfolio companies.

Yet, in the traditional VC community the boom in CVC activity is met with some skepticism. How long will this boom last? Will drive up prices? Or be the perfect partner and missing link in the ecosystem?

We’ll be asking our panel of investors their views, and hope you will join the discussion:

  • When is CVC most valuable as a tool for a corporate ?
  • When is CVC most valuable as a capital source and strategic investor for a startup/growth company?
  • When is CVC most valuable as a co-investor for financial investors?
  • What are the dilemas for VC/PE vs CVC?

The discussion will kick off with a short presentation from PhD Candidate and Researcher Christopher A. Sabel from BI School of Management who has researched corporate venture investing for many years.

Joining him on the panel, will be:

This seminar is also open to non-members, but don’t forget to sign up!