OIW: Investing in diversity - a key to profitability!

How can you contribute to accelerating the diversity process as an investor or founder?

Wednesday 27. September NVCA and Advokatfirmaet Berngaard invite you to a session at Oslo Innovation Week on how investing in diversity is a key to profitability.

Time: 27.09.23, 14.30-16.00.
Place: Advokatfirmaet Berngaard, Beddingen 8

You’ll get first-hand input from Unconventional Ventures, investing only in diverse teams without compromising on profitability as their key driver. Equality Check will tell you how to track and measure your effort.

Register here to join!

You’ll leave the room with a practical toolbox to make diversity a competitive advantage and a key driver to profitability.

We hope to see you!